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Choosing the Right LED Bulb

LEDs can be used almost anywhere you would normally use an incandescent or CFL bulb, but it's important to match the right bulb to the right socket.

Here are some tips:

Design/Build Electrical Construction

Rocky Mountain Electric sets the standard in Design/Build electrical construction through concept, development and construction. Our electrical design/build team is comprised of professional electrical engineers, lighting designers, project managers and support staff.

Project Update: St. Al's - Nampa Health Plaza Expansion - Emergency Department

Since the groundbreaking on April 12th RME electricians, and dozens of other contractors, have been hard at work on the first phase of the St. Alphonsus Nampa Health Plaza Expansion.

This first phase consists of an expanded parking lot including the addition of site lighting and expanding the 24/7 Emergency Department.

Project Update - JUMP

JUMP - Boise, Idaho

For the past several months RME's Site/Infrastructure Team has been hard at work installing the underground electrical infrastructure at Jack's Urban Meeting Place in downtown Boise.  

This critical component of the project will deliver power to the entire site which stretches from 9th to 11th streets between Front and Myrtle streets in downtown Boise.  

Breaker Won't Reset?

Breaker, Breaker

A breaker in your home or office that trips immediately after it's reset is telling you there is an electrical problem.  

Sometimes the breaker is to blame and sometimes there is too large an electrical load on that circuit.

If the breaker keeps tripping you more than likely have a severe electrical problem.  

T12 Lighting Retrofit Explained

What Is A T12 Lighting Retrofit

"Lighting retrofit" is a term that gets throws around a lot by those in the lighting and electrical world but, like any industry's jargon, doesn't always resonate with everyone else.  Kind of like when our IT guys talk about our server's TTL settings and the parameters of our VPN connection...  I get lost and stop listening.

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot Safety

The dark gloominess of winter is rapidly approaching.  Are your parking lot lights, time clocks and street lights ready to keep your customers and employees safe?  A well-lit parking lot is a safe parking lot.  Don't wait until it's already dark to properly maintain and repair your outdoor lighting.  Contact us today to schedule a parking lot maintenance appointment. 

RME's Safety Culture

Here at RME safety is much more than a clever slogan to put on a t-shirt.  That being said, we do put safety on our t-shirts.

Safety is one of the central values of our culture, rooted in every level of our organization. More than just standard policies and procedures, Rocky Mountain Electric’s safety program gives equal focus to the human side of safety.  Everyone should go home safe, every night.

Our deep commitment to safety reaches every level of the company.

“Predictive Maintenance” and High-Fives

Imagine a world where you can see into the future.  A world where you can save your business from unnecessary Maintenance repair and Operations (MRO) spending.  In this world you have more capital to reinvest in your business, hire more employees and improve your workplace.  And if saving your company money gets you a big bonus and a high-five from the boss man, that’s pretty good too.

What we Offer

As complex as commercial and industrial electrical construction and maintenance are, we really only sell four things.  These four things aren’t the latest lighting technology, reliable motor control centers, flawlessly installed switch gear, our design-build expertise, our speedy service or our vast knowledge of complex industrial electrical systems.

We offer vision, ideas, high-quality outcomes and trust.


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